How to Write an eBook

How to Write an eBook

The contemporary publishing world has quite changed over the few years due to internet revolution. Today an author does not need to visit a traditional publishing house to have his work published to gain audience. Instead, an author can create an ebook, place it online and taking advantage of the internet gain wide audience. In this digital era, hard copy books are gradually being phased out by ebooks as people embrace digital formats due to increased adoption of kindles and smart phones. Besides readership, ebooks are currently used as marketing tools. Due to their gaining popularity and increased use in marketing, it is important for anyone with desire to increase readership and market audience to learn how to write an ebook.

Creating Compelling eBook Content

Identifying a topic

The first step when writing an ebook is to identify a niche topic to write about like cookbook, a business topic, fictional topic or other areas of interest. It is important that an ebook ghost writer identifies a topic that will provide solution to an existing problem or a topic that is entertaining. For instance, an ebook content creator writing a fictional novel should choose a topic that is entertaining and will engage a reader to keep on turning pages.

Planning your schedule

eBooks unlike conventional books should not consist of many words, a thriving ebook, for instance, can have words ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 words compared to a conventional printed book that may be made up of 100,000 to 200,000 words, thus writing a complete ebook may take a couple of weeks to a maximum of 2 months. Despite the low number of words, an ebook author need to carefully plan and stick to a given schedule to deliver the project within a given time-frame. Before the actual writing, the author needs to identify how many words to put daily in actual writing, the number of written words to deliver daily and the period it will take to do revision and editing of the written ebook. Successful ebook authors partly attribute successful ebook writing to well planning of an author’s schedule.

Post Writing Help

Once an author is through writing an ebook and s/he is satisfied that the final product is a masterpiece, s/he needs to engage in aggressive marketing of the ebook to get it to the potential customers and target audience. Success of an ebook author is measured by the sales s/he is able to generate from his final product; therefore, marketing of the final product can be considered as the final and most critical phase of creating a successful ebook. The final stage maybe a doubting task if the author lacks the requisite marketing skills to take the e-book to the market audience; therefore, it is important that an author seeks outside help to write ebook that will ultimately sell.

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