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hire freelance ebook writerWhy hire freelance eBook writers from is a question most visitors ask us. The world of publishing has shifted from print to online platform. More and more people are going to amazon and eBay for content. It is foolhardy to ignore this space and continue using traditional publishing platforms.

At we pride employing a team of best eBook ghostwriters  to assist our esteemed clients develop amazing content for their eBooks. Our expert content creators will develop for you a design of the eBook, create powerful and compelling content and assist you publish the eBook. We are a one stop eBook writing service for your needs.

More and more businesses are writing eBooks to increase sales and engage their clients Our freelance eBook writers for hire are conversant with crafting any kind of eBook. We assist top companies create powerful eBooks for their online campaigns, traffic generation and sales growth.  All this is done in a one on one connection with you.

Additionally our eBook ghostwriters can write eBooks on a range of subjects including: how to, financial management, thrillers, self-growth, manuals and educational materials.

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When you hire freelance eBook writers from you will be impressed by our quick turnaround time and quality of service. We value our clients and, therefore, it is our wish to give them value for their money. Right from the hiring stage, we chose writers that show flair and great passion for writing. Therefore, we can assure our clients professional writing services when they hire our freelance eBook writers.

When you hire our best eBook ghostwriters you are getting more than just a writer. You are getting a consultant for your project who will guide you through the entire process, from planning phase to publishing of your final book. Clients who come to us are highly impressed by our fast delivery. Through a collaborative approach, we will discuss with you about the project, advise you on the best approach and timely update you on the writing process.

All our freelance eBook writers for hire possess at least 3 years experience in writing. They are conversant with the best practices of eBook writing and publishing. Every eBook that is ordered on our website is written from scratch. We do not spin or regurgitate content to avoid plagiarism and copyright infringement. Thus, we ensure the content is original and factual. Our ghostwriters are expected to do extensive research on the subject and write compelling and juicy content to attract and engage your audience.

Benefits of hiring our freelance eBook ghostwriters

Most self publishers prefer to write their eBooks due to frustrations encountered with eBook writing services. However, poor experiences should not deter you from giving Writing Content Services a try. Place an order with us today and sure we will wash off your mind past bitter experiences. As a professional ghostwriting company, we derive satisfaction from satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

  • Fast delivery of eBooks: Your eBook will be delivered before or on time to give you enough time for review.
  • High quality and engaging content: Quality of the content determines your online success. As a professional eBook writing company we ensure that we deliver flair and juicy content to our clients. Our writers are expected to conduct thorough research and write engaging content.
  • Free amendments: In case you wish some parts of the eBook amended, our team of dedicated eBook editors will gladly amend the sections free of charge.
  • Full transfer of copyrights: Once you purchase an eBook from us, we transfer all the rights to you.
  • Affordability: Our charges are fair and negotiable. Our pricing is flexible to accommodate any budget

At we do not compromise on quality. You will be missing a lot of benefit if you do not work with our freelance eBook writers for hire.

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hire freelance eBook writersWritingcontentservices has distinguished itself as an affordable eBook writing service. Most self published authors avoid hiring professional eBook ghostwriters due to the exorbitant cost. As a self publisher selling a copy for less than five dollars, it is impractical to hire an eBook specialist for 50$.

However, Writing Content Services would like to change it all. We will provide you professional ghostwriting services at affordable prices. This will greatly improve your selling price and volume of sales. Riding on the knowledge and experience of our ebook ghostwriters for hire , you will receive compelling and juicy eBook that will be a must have for your audience.

Besides providing eBook ghostwriting services, we assist self publishers with editing and proofreading services and rewriting services to make their content error free and engaging to their target audience.